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About Our Company

Garage Door Repair Baytown TX is in the business of providing repair services to homeowners and businesses, particularly in the repair of garage doors, as well as in their installation and replacement. We understand that these are important aspects of urban living. As such, it is our mission to ensure that people have the amenities and utilities they need to enjoy a comfortable life within the security of their homes.

We have been in the business of repairing garage doors for over ten years now. Our vast experience in the provision of these types of services has enabled us to gain a good reputation with our fellow service providers, our suppliers, vendors, and partners, as well as our customers. We have become a trustworthy and reliable service provider — something that we take much pride in.

It is because of this great trust that has been bestowed on us and because of the increasing demand from our customers that we continue to offer and improve our repair of garage doors Baytown TX services. Rest assured that even before we officially started the business, the company owners and our technicians have been engaged in doing these kinds of repairs in their side projects for friends and families for some time. It is actually because of these side projects that our friends and family encouraged us to start a garage door repair service. That said, you can trust us. We know what we’re doing.

Our Core Value

At Metal Garage Door Repair, our core value is quality service. No matter which area we’re providing a service in or which aspect of the customer relationship we’re in, we ensure that we provide quality service.

From the moment you call us or walk into our office, our customer service staff will make sure that you receive quality service by ensuring that we are able to completely understand your concerns and that we are able to address such concerns at the soonest time possible.

We will make you feel comfortable in talking to us. Even if you do not have adequate knowledge regarding garage doors, we will make sure that we understand exactly what the problem is. We will also make sure that you completely understand what needs to be done in order to fix your garage door.. At our garage doors Baytown TX company, we value transparency, and we want to make sure that you have the assurance that we’re doing what’s best for you.

When we do send our technicians to take a look at and fix your problem, we make sure that we provide quality service by ensuring that the problem is properly fixed. In the event that you are dissatisfied with our service or you find glitches in our work, then we will be sure to rectify that right away in order to ensure your satisfaction.

Metal Garage Door Repair Employees

To ensure that we provide you with quality service, we ensure that we hire only the best employees. From the customer service staff to the technicians, which include our professional garage door repair staff and consultants, we ensure that they have the proper qualifications. We make sure that they have the proper credentials in the form of professional certificates, diplomas, or licenses. We also hire employees with adequate experience in the industry to ensure that they’ve been fixing your kind of problems long before you’ve encountered such. We also provide our staff with trainings and refresher courses to keep their skills updated and to make sure that the provision of quality services stays topmost in their minds.

At our garage door Baytown company, we treat our employees as family. We ensure camaraderie and close relationships by making sure that their needs are met and that they remain happy and satisfied with their job. We believe that happy employees are better able to provide better customer service. As such, we make sure that we value and appreciate our employees’ contributions to the company’s success.

In this regard, we have a group of employees who love their jobs and who express that by also making sure that our customers are pleased with the type of service that we provide. Should you have any feedback regarding our employees and our services, we would love to hear it, whether it’s good or bad. We believe that there’s always room for improvement, and your feedback and input can help us reach that higher level of quality service.

How We Do Our Business

At our garage door Baytown company, we ensure that we conduct our business in an ethical manner. We ensure the privacy and confidentiality of our  customers’ personal and financial information. We also ensure their security as our repair staff is attending to their needs.

We are also ethical in the way we deal with the environment. We employ green practices by ensuring that our work contributes as little pollution to the environment as possible. We properly dispose of our wastes and we make sure to clean up every area we work in. We also use recycled materials and minimize the use of papers.

In the same regard, our company regularly launches CSR initiatives, which enable us to nurture the communities where our business operates. We contribute to the improvement of our community’s well-being by sharing our resources and by promoting harmony through the different community activities that we sponsor.

Professionalism is another important quality for us. We ensure that each of our customer is treated in a professional manner, that is, with respect, high regard, and with the intention of providing the best quality of service we’ve been commissioned to do. In this regard, we make sure that we are professional in the way we conduct ourselves, in the way we communicate with you, and in the way we dress. Needless to say, we act in the same to notch level as the quality of service we provide.


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