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Commercial Garage Door

Commercial Garage Doors Service By Metal Garage Door Repair

Commercial Garage Doors for Your Business

In order to run a successful business, you have to be prepared for the unexpected situations that could make things more difficult to earn a profit. Oftentimes, mechanical failure is what is unexpected, as it can strike at any moment. While you may foresee scenarios of your vehicle breaking down and prepare accordingly, it is not as common to foresee that your commercial garage doors stop working as intended. This is because the garage door is often overlooked as a piece of equipment. In truth, your commercial garage door is a sophisticated piece of technology that deserves your attention, as it serves as the first line of security of your garage, as well as the means through which your vehicles are able to enter and exit. A problem with your garage door could mean a significant delay in a delivery or shipment. We at Garage Door Repair Baytown TX are proud supporters of businesses in Baytown, TX, which is why we are glad to offer our services.

Different Sizes and Designs

There is room for variation when it comes to the garage doors of your business. Commercial garage door sizes depend on the types of vehicles they typically let in and out. This means that if the garage is where a large truck parks, then you require a large garage door. If it is occupied by motorcycles, then it can afford to be much smaller. Designs are also a way that garage doors differ from each other. Sometimes, a garage door will use a traditional design, which involves a single slab of door lifting a bit outward before moving overhead. More modern garage door use a sectional design, meaning the single slab is divided into segments. A lot of businesses, especially those with garages that do not have much headroom, opt for a roller design, which sees the garage door rolled like a scroll when it opens. These are just some of the available designs, and they all come with their own pros and cons, so whichever design fits your business can only be decided by you.

Difference from Residential Counterparts

At first, you may think that all garage doors, whether residential or commercial, are practically the same. While it is true that a residential garage door and a commercial garage door share many similarities, they have their own share of differences. Commercial garage door sizes tend to have much more variation, as it depends on the kind of vehicles used for the business. Usually they tend to be larger from their residential counterparts, especially when trucks, vans, or busses are involved. A residential door is usually standard to fit an SUV. There is also a difference when it comes to the cycles they experience. A cycle is an instance of the garage door opening and closing. Typically, a residential garage door goes through about four cycles a day. A commercial garage door could easily beat that number given a few hours. This means that residential garage doors need to be built tougher. It also means that they need much more attention, especially from an expert.

Expertise for Commercial Garage Doors

When it comes to your commercial garage doors, you need to be able to trust the one who is providing the service. This means that you need a company that has a reputation for providing garage door services that result in maximum customer satisfaction. We at Metal Garage Door Repair have been helping businesses in Baytown, TX with their garage door needs for years. We have a reputation of excellences because of the fine work of our personnel who use the best tools to be able to install, maintain, repair, and replace garage doors with ease. We know exactly what our customers want, so we give it to them without hesitation. We practice competitive pricing, so you know that you cannot get the same quality service for a lower price. We are also more convenient than anyone else, as we operate 24/7 all year long, so you can call at any hour and you will hear a friendly voice accommodate your problem. By minimizing the time your garage door spend non-operational, you can save more money.

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