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Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Springs Service By Metal Garage Door Repair In Baytown TX

The Importance of Garage Door Springs

A garage door is something we all take for granted. It opens nicely every day. It gets a lot of use from everyone in the family. However, it is not up on any list of household priorities. Until one day, the garage door gets stuck or comes crashing down, maybe on your car.  You think that you’re lucky nobody was under the door when this happened.  This could well be one of the garage door springs giving way. You have heard of Garage Door Repair Baytown. They have a good reputation.  They find the fault.

In order to understand why this happened, you need to know something about the nature of steel garage door springs. These are held under high tension, a pulling force. There are two main types, torsion springs and extension springs.

A torsion spring is designed to take a strong twisting or torsion force. They are also held in high tension. They are an important part of the mechanisms that control the lifting and movement of the garage doors.  An extension spring is held at each end under high tension. It is subjected to pulling and pushing forces.

All metal springs are subjected to work hardening if they are used a lot. Their internal molecular structure changes; hence, they get “harder” but less “springy”. In time, they could snap. Any constant force on metal has this effect

Garage Door Spring Repair – Regular Maintenance is Needed

Garage door spring repair technicians are specialists in this kind of work. This is not something obvious like a bent panel on a garage door or the remote not working.  However, in time, there may well be a major problem with one of the springs.

You may be aware of this already. You probably detected that one side of the garage door is not lifting properly. You enjoy doing D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself). Perhaps you can dislodge the spring and get another one. However, the spring is still held under high tension, so moving it could be dangerous.  How do you know which is the right spring to get? Putting in the wrong one could set the whole garage door out of balance.

Metal Garage Door Repair in Baytown. TX is available 24/7.  If there is an emergency, they will get to you as quickly as possible.  They can also do a thorough check of your garage doors. They will know that garage door springs have a limited life span. From what they observe and what you tell them, they can provide a timetable outlining when all the springs and other components will need garage door spring repair, replacement, or update.  They may make a suggestion that you could do with a whole new garage door.  This may be less expensive than it might seem at first. However, if you don’t keep up with regular maintenance, then the garage door will jam up or fall down at some point.

Garage Door Spring Repair Costs

There are some obvious dangers involved in not maintaining your garage doors. There could be a serious risk to you or your family.  This could well be the case with pets and young children, who like running in and out of the garage.   Alternatively, this might end up damaging your car.

Where would you stand with your car insurance? You may be covered with a fully comprehensive one, but it might go up next year. Would a serious problem affect your house insurance as well, if they see that you have been neglecting the garage doors for quite a while? On a longer term, there is the re-sale value of your house. Maybe the rest of the house is fine, but the value of your property could drop because of the garage doors’ poor state.

You would also have a very large outlay to contemplate if something catastrophic happened to the garage doors and they all had to be replaced. Therefore, it would make a lot more sense if there was a routine set up where the garage doors are regularly checked. It would also be important if the key components, such as springs, were regularly replaced.

You can do a lot yourself, in terms of regular monitoring. This should happen every month. Unless you detect an obvious problem with the garage doors, this can be a visual inspection. If you detected a problem, then call Metal Garage Door Repair.

Visual Inspection of Garage Door Springs

The following would be needed for a visual inspection. You will need to look carefully at all the components. These would include torsion springs and extension springs. The following will also need to be included: rollers, pulleys cables, spring cables, and mounting fixtures.  Being a steel door, the general appearance would need looking at. Obviously, repainting the doors could be easily organized. However, if door panels are buckled or dented, that could need outside help. A more serious concern would be if the whole door was buckled or distorted. This could well indicate that something serious is starting to happen. The garage door may be out of balance.

A schedule of different checks would also be needed.  All of these need to be undertaken by skilled specialists. These are some examples.

 If you have a belt drive or chain drive system, then nuts and bolts could loosen up due to constant vibrations of the door moving. A wrench would be needed to tighten the bolts.

The door balance needs checking at least every month or even every two weeks. The controller needs to be disconnected and the door moved half way up. If the door cannot stay in position, there could be a problem with the springs.

The steel or nylon rollers must be checked twice a year.  If there are any problems, they must be replaced.

Rubber can become hard and cracked. Rubber weather stripping has to be replaced to stop the rain and wind from coming into the garage.

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