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Garage door technicians rely on an arsenal of tools to complete each door service successfully. Being able to use these tools well takes lots of hard work and training. However, you’re probably wondering what some of those tools are. While not every garage door technician’s toolkit is the same, you can still gain insight into seven of the most common garage door technician tools.


7 Common Garage Door Technician Tools

It should be noted that garage door technicians use more than just seven tools. However, it would take a very long time to dive into every single component of a garage door technician’s toolkit. That’s why, for the sake of brevity, today’s blog will focus primarily on seven tools you are most likely to find across the board.

1. Pliers

When going through a checklist of garage door technician tools, you will never find one that’s missing pliers. Pliers are one of the most vital tools used by garage door technicians. They help maneuver wires, springs, cables, and other garage door parts, whether it’s to adjust or remove them. There is also a specific tool known as locking pliers, which are used to help keep the garage door in position for the safety of the technician.

2. Screwdriver Set

Because no garage door is the same, it’s always a good idea to come prepared with various possible screwdrivers. That is why another one of the most common garage door technician tools is a screwdriver set. A screwdriver set provides screwdrivers of many sizes, shapes, and varieties, allowing a garage door technician to come prepared for any job.

3. Drill

Of all the tools used by garage door technicians, a drill is one of the most time-efficient. This piece makes replacing and installing garage door parts nice and easy. The two types of drills that are often found in the toolkit of a garage door technician are power drills and cordless drills. While power drills can be effective overall, cordless drills are better for getting into smaller areas in your garage.

garage door technician tools drill

4. Level

How does a garage door technician ensure that they successfully install a new garage door? The answer: a level. With this tool, garage door technicians are able to install a new garage door at the correct angle. Without a level, a new garage door might not be entirely secure in its position.

5. Wrenches

Wrenches are the most vital garage door technician tools. You might find three types of wrenches in a garage door technician’s toolkit: open-ended wrenches, socket wrenches, and torque wrenches. Open-ended wrenches allow a technician to do simple screw tightening. Socket wrenches are best used for adjusting rollers, while torque wrenches are ideal for tightening and adjusting garage door springs.

6. Winding Bar

Winding bars are also an effective tool for garage door spring repairs. These tools help to unwind and rewind winding cones that help keep torsion springs in position. Using anything other than a winding bar (such as a screwdriver) for this specific purpose can result in injury or damage.

7. Safety Equipment

Safety equipment refers to any number of garage door technician tools that help prevent damage or injury on site. Of all the common garage door technician tools, this equipment is an absolute must-have. Some pieces of safety equipment found in a set of garage door technician tools include gloves, goggles, a ladder, and many others.


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We hope this insight into seven of the most common tools used by garage door technicians has been valuable. In fact, these tools will likely be in use the next time you need a garage door technician to repair or replace a garage door part. Luckily, you can contact us at Metal Garage Door Repair to receive help from the best garage door service in Baytown.

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