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Garage door windows bring wonderful benefits, such as natural lighting and temperature control, to your home. However, these benefits are only effective as long as you keep your garage door windows in good condition. Keep reading this blog to learn how to maintain your garage door windows and maximize what they bring to your home.

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How To Maintain Garage Door Windows

While one could just wash their garage door windows like regular windows and call it a day, it’s better to know what you can do to really ensure these windows last. Here are some helpful tips that’ll keep your garage door windows highly functional:

1. Find The Right Cleaning Tools

The first step in maintaining your garage door windows is obtaining the best cleaning tools. You want to be gentle with these window inserts, so don’t use a scrub, brush, or scraper on them. Aside from those tools, using a pressure washer is also out of the question. These methods will likely inflict damage on the windows. Instead, experts recommend using a rag or cloth to keep the windows clean.

2. Use The Correct Cleaning Solution

Where cleaning solutions for garage door window inserts are concerned, let’s go over what not to use. Specifically, avoid using bleaches and abrasive detergents; you shouldn’t mix the two substances either. Your best bet is to use a mild detergent or dish soap for the window inserts. Of course, depending on the window inserts themselves; you can always double-check the appropriate user manual if there are more specific guidelines about what cleaning solutions to use.

3. Be Aware Of The Weather

The biggest mistake you can make when cleaning the windows of your garage door is to do so when there’s lots of sunlight. When doing this task, it’s essential to be mindful of the weather and the time of day because direct sunlight will make any detergent you use dry and chalky, leaving visible marks on your windows. The prospect of unintentionally burning yourself by touching hot glass is also unpleasant.

4. Remove Dust And Debris

Now that it’s time to clean the window inserts, you should first gently remove any dust and debris on and around them. The last thing you want is to have any particles getting in the way of squeaky clean garage windows. Once you get this step out of the way, the cleaning can officially begin.

5. Start With The Frames

After removing debris, start cleaning the window frames. Usually, a sponge or cloth, along with whatever solution you’re using, will clean the frame. After thoroughly cleaning the frame, you’re ready to move on to the last step. Don’t forget to be careful with how you handle the frame so it stays in good condition.

6. Wash The Glass Inserts

Using the right tools and cleaning solution, you can now start cleaning the glass inserts. As explained earlier, you might need to double-check which cleaning solution works best for the type of glass in your garage door window inserts. Once these are cleaned, you will have nice and shiny windows for your garage door.

Ask Metal Garage Door Repair About Window Inserts Today!

Thanks to this blog, you should hopefully feel more confident in your ability to clean and maintain your garage door windows. If you don’t have garage door windows but think they could work wonders for your home’s curb appeal, you’ll be glad to know there are many options in store. Luckily, you can learn more about window inserts and keep them in shape by reaching out to our team at Metal Garage Door Repair. Contact us today for excellent windows for your garage door.

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