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When you think of garage door openers, you probably visualize a box attached to the garage ceiling that seems to be facing outward. What you’re picturing is a typical overhead garage door opener. While these openers are common, they aren’t the only variety available. 

Another type of opener you might find in some homes is the side mount garage door opener or jackshaft garage door opener. Understandably, you probably now have questions such as, “Why is it also called a jackshaft?”, “Is it better than an overhead opener?”, “Why do some garages use this kind of opener?” among others. We hope to provide you with some answers by introducing you to these five fascinating facts about the side mount garage door opener. 


1. Compatible With A Torsion System 

The side mount garage door opener is so named because it can be installed on either side of your garage wall. Its ability to be installed in this manner is due to the fact that it can directly connect to the torsion bar of a garage door with a torsion system. This eliminates the need to attach to a chain or belt, making the side mount garage door opener ideal if you want a garage door that operates as quietly as possible. 


2. Creates More Overhead Space

Because the side mount garage door opener is installed on the torsion shaft instead of an overhead compartment, you suddenly have more space in your garage. With more space in your garage ceiling, you can take advantage of it to create overhead storage. You can install overhead compartments to store things for safekeeping. If you and your family have bikes, surfboards, or other recreational equipment, this space can also be used to store those items. 


3. Requires Less Maintenance Than Other Openers

Maintaining your garage is already a very involved process where each component seems to require attention. If you want to lighten the load with garage door maintenance, then the side mount garage door is a great choice. This door opener is not as high maintenance as others because it doesn’t require rails, a chain or belt drive, or even a trolley. The elimination of those components means that, at most, you’ll need to change batteries and prevent dust accumulation on a single component. 


4. A DIY-Friendly Option 

Are you someone who enjoys completing projects with a direct, hands-on approach? Do you feel fulfilled whenever you complete certain tasks related to making your home more efficient? If you want to scratch that itch, this garage door opener is perfect for a DIY-friendly installation. Installing an overhead opener involves many more parts and steps. As described earlier, installing this type of opener is simple and straightforward, as it only needs to be connected to a torsion shaft or bar on the side of your garage door. 


5. The Extra Space Brings Many Extra Perks

Finally, by creating more space in your garage with this opener, you are also likely to reap additional benefits from the extra space. One of these extra perks is feeling more focused and less stressed due to the absence of clutter. Additionally, fewer allergens and particles accumulate due to the absence of a rail and overhead opener, which can improve your allergies and overall health. As stated earlier, this opening system also produces far less noise during operation. 

side mount garage door opener


Find The Best Opener With Metal Garage Door Repair!

We hope you found these five side mount garage door opener facts informative and interesting. You might even be considering making the switch to this garage door opener yourself. If you need help finding the best side mount opener, our Metal Garage Door Repair team will be happy to assist, so contact us today. 


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